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Smoking in Cars Campaign

Advertising campaign - Promotional Materials

An emotional advertising campaign for a local charity to help raise awareness and promote a petition against smoking in cars with child passengers. The through the line campaign used the visual of a child sleeping innocently in the car contrasted with the hard facts and dangers of smoking in cars with child passengers. Project created whilst at Whitenoise Studios.

NICHS Smoking in cars campaign

The Concept

The concept is based on the popular car air freshners designed to hang from car mirrors and mask smells. Although they may mask the smell of smoke, they cannot protect children from the dangers of smoking, particularly in a small, confined space like a car. We created promotional air freshners that carried a series of hard-hitting messages rather than a smell. They were distributed with businesses and taxi companies to help the message reach a wide audience.

air freshener tree visuals
NICHS Smoking in cars campaign bus stop

Results and Impact

The campaign and petition was a success as recently, the law was passed in Northern Ireland to prevent smoking in cars with child passengers in line with England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland. It gave great publicity to the local charity and their campaigning efforts for local issues and the impact of health for the people of Northern Ireland.

NICHS Smoking in cars campaign billboard
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